2018 Cannes International Screenplay Semi-Finalist, Gregory Walker AKA Tommy WordSmith, www.canneswriters.com

For Screenplay "8th St Park" Urban Crime/Drama ...producers, agents, or directors, if you are interested in this screenplay, please email me at gwalker2061@yahoo.com *8th St Park" in Subject line

Logline for 8th St Park


A Black Homicide Detective, Roy Walker must solve a homicide with few leads, suspects or motives, which almost goes cold in a black neighborhood.


A star high school football player is shot in a parking lot while waiting for a girl he chats with online. She’s questioned and investigators concluded it’s not a set up or robbery because none of his belongings are missing, and no links to accomplishes. There are no video cameras, no witnesses only .45 caliber casings. A homeless man snaps and goes on a killing spree. Forensics finds he is one of the shooters. Later, an up and coming rap group, “8th St. Park” is discovered to be in the area filming a music video, but did not hear or see anything. Who is the second shooter?